Let's Build A Sustainable Digital Strategy Together
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Arts + Tech

Together, we can make space for everyone.

When the vast creativity of the arts industry harnesses the full potential of the technological advances out there, it's a beautiful thing. 

Organizations like you are already working hard to make the world better. What I can do is help you get ahead of the curve and explore strategies to best use what you've already got.

Are you ready to build a resilient, flexible, and sustainable digital experience?

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How I Can Help

Hey, I'm Rebecca Petricevic.

I have a very specific set of skills ... and they are all around helping you empower yourself through technology. 

Armed with a varied background in the arts, nonprofit, and tech industries along with a Master's in Digital Media, I want to put my experiences to work for you and help you take your goals to the next level.


RLP Consulting is here to help you create your ideal digital experience. Together, let's make something that helps you achieve your short term goals and also maintains long term sustainability 

even through something as strange as a global pandemic.

Schedule your free 30-minute consult

and let's discuss your goals. 

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Business Consultation


Need help laying down a solid digital strategy for your next great idea? Overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available?

We can work it out.


Sometimes you just need someone to sit down and help you with those brainstorming sessions of yours. I bring a knowledgable but outside perspective that could help you unlock the key to success.

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