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Event Planning, Coordination. Web Design and Development, Social Media Marketing.

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#LipOffKW is an annual one night fundraising event that I founded with two other women, Tiff and Jen. The event is in its fourth year running and supports local causes or projects that need an extra revenue boost.

The Idea and Reasoning

The idea was born out of a philanthropic leadership program I and my co-founders attended held by the Kitchener-Waterloo Community Foundation. Through the program we saw the plethora of local organizations and charities working on issues such as homelessness and human trafficking but often lacking in financial support.


Recognizing that these organizations are the experts and know best where to direct funds for maximum positive impact, we brainstormed an event that would be focused on raising cash to support their ongoing projects. 

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The Details and Process

This year, the event raised $5,000 for the Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Treatment Centre operating out of St. Mary’s Hospital in Kitchener. We kept our costs below $500 by focusing on in-kind donations, fostering a partnership with our venue (the Apollo Cinema), and negotiating deals with local business owners.


We kept our ticket prices at an affordable $10 to ensure that everyone who wanted to support their community could do so. Keeping ticket prices low and accessible is an important aspect of the event as it democratizes the experience of giving back to one’s community often left to those who can afford the high ticket price.

My Team Responsibilities

I act as the unofficial Chair and President of our organization and lead the team of 4 other women to set yearly strategy and goals. I also handle all social media and marketing strategy, content creation, and execution with support from Jen. I also designed, built, and maintain our website


Tiff and I work together on all PR related elements. I act as advisor and support in other elements such as recruiting and managing performers and volunteers. We have earned the support of Mayor Berry Vrbanovic of the City of Kitchener, and the Waterloo Regional Police Chief Bryan Larkin, as well as radio hosts Mike Farwell (570 News), and Gayle O’Brien (107.5FM).

The Website

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